Baje Fletcher (Author) Interview (BallerAlert) 5-23-11



You want a baller someone to take care of you and treat you good, but how can we tell if he is a real baller? What type of baller do you stay away from when comes it getting what you want? When you want a baller to what degree would you go to get him. What if you didn’t have to run after him, if you could make him come running after your. Well, I know someone who has the answers to all of the above and more. I got the chance to sit down with Baje Fletcher author of “A Gold Digger Guide” the book for women to get what they want without giving it up. In the book she shares her tips on how she is building a fortunate without giving anything more than time to the ballers who help supply it

Me: How are you?

Baje: I’m great.

 Me: So Baje I read your book myself it was very interesting learning some of the things you had to say because when I refer back to the life that I have and some of my friends I see that some people struggle with some of the things that you talk about in your book. So my question is what was one of your main goals you wanted to achieve when writing this book?

 Baje: My main goal was to just help and educate other women so they can accomplish their goals in half the time I did, because it did took me a lot of years to learn all of those lessons it’s over a 116 lessons. If I had a book like that to kind of guide me at 18 it would have helped me out a lot. It’s mostly like information that a mom or an older sister or even an older brother would share with you. I had to learn from other people and experience everything for myself. So that’s why I wrote the book.

 Me: Ok, before we go any further I know some people haven’t read your book yet and some may get the definition G.O.L.D digger and G.O.A.L digger which is your definition of a gold digger can you explain a little bit about that?

 Baje: Yeah, well your typical gold digger would be a woman her main aspiration is to land someone finically well off to take care of her she doesn’t really inspire to be independent. A goal digger is not about sleeping with someone in order to get material stuff or in order for them to take care of you, it’s about setting goals for yourself and going after those goals and planning out your life. But yeah you’re going to use your surroundings and especially men who try to come at you the wrong (Laughs) way you’re going to use them as a stepping stone to get what you need. They will contribute to your goals but don’t let them side track you that what goal digger is.

 Me: One part of the book that I found very interesting was the part that discusses the wishlist. I found that very interesting because lots of women have things that they want and maybe they can’t afford at that time and want someone to buy it for them. That part even inspired me to create a wishlist (Laughs) of things that I want. With that being said what kind of things can we find on Baje’s wish list?

Baje: My wishlist I update it constantly when I say constantly I mean daily like as soon I hit one goal or as soon as I get one thing I keep updating it. It’s small items from electronics to bigger item like trips, cars and homes. Everything in my life I want I plan it out its crazy how when write things down they can come to path. You may say well I want to meet this person and you write that down I don’t know if it’s a law of attraction but you may mention it to somebody just because you written it down and it’s on your mind. They may say I know so and so I can introduce you’ll. It is definitely power in writing things down.

Me: Another thing that I found very funny I heard you while you were on the BreakfastClub and you made a joke with Dj Envy, that if you had a daughter once she was old enough to read you would make sure she read this book. I find that very great because reading this book is very educational for young women. Now how serious would you take that about having your daughter read this book?

Baje: Well, kids normally start reading about 5 so maybe not around 5 (Laughs) because she wouldn’t understand the whole concept but definitely as soon she is older enough to understand it if I had to put an age on it definitely by high school age. Just because my mother and sisters had their children young a lot of kids are getting pregnant in high school today and if they know what their self-worth or know they don’t have to do this to fit in they can set their own standers they don’t have to sleep around to fit in or get in the in crowd they would be better off. But what I really meant when said I as soon as my daughter could read I would give her the book because there is nothing in the book that I’m ashamed of or wouldn’t have my own daughter do.

Me: I feel like there is nothing to feel ashamed about in the book, the book is very influential it’s all great stuff you can learn from.

 Baje: People get the wrong idea because of the tittle but I could have named it a thousand other things but this is the tittle I chose and this is the tittle I’m running with. (Laughs)

 Me: Speaking about the title I read your tweet the other day and you ask the people who have read the book if they could name the book a different tittle what would they name it? What were some responses that you got back from that?

Baje: I got some pretty cool responses one was something like the modern girls guide to getting money it was a bunch of cool ones but I don’t think they would have grabbed the worlds interest like the one I chose. Yeah sometime I have to fight unnecessary battles of explaining myself but I rather go through that and have to explain what I mean and people get the message later on rather than just naming it a safe name and the book gets like walked by.

Me: I think the book has a great title it serves for what you’re talking about. It doesn’t just talk about going out there and just getting people’s money. You talk about investing your money making sure to get an education. With that being said what would you say is one of your quotes you give to women when you meet them and they ask you for advice?

Baje: Its usually three things I advise women to do. 1) Watch the circle of friends and the people closes to you. Because those people will influence you greatly if you have negative people who don’t believe in you around you than sooner or later you stop believing in yourself. 2) Is to seek out mentors and make it a habit of reading not just novels or fictional books but mostly self-help and motivational books. The reason for that is because there is a saying there is two things that will change you is the people you meet and the books you read. 3) Is to think outside of the box and don’t be afraid to take risk. That is the only way you’re going to get ahead. If you’re always playing it safe if you’re scared you may go half way but not the whole way then you will just get lumped in with the rest of the world. You won’t be able to stand out and reach all of your goals. It’s normally the people that do things the boldest that leave an imprint on the world.

Me: I feel like you have to be optimistic.

Baje: Yeah, you definitely have to be optimistic and have positivity.

Me: I know you made couple of appearances on Dr.Phil how did those come about?

Baje: I wrote into Dr.Phil actually the first time I went on the show was over a year and a half ago. And this year they contacted me back they had a show and they had me in mind. I definitely like the second show better because there weren’t any decoys or hidden agendas that I had to anticipate so I just got be me and talk.

Me: What really gave you the idea to put this book out?

 Baje: I was living in Miami at the time and about two of my home girls came over to my home just having girl talk. They always ask me for advice even the older friends that I had they would be on their dates and sneak in the bathroom and say hey Baje I’m with so and so I know he has money I need help with this but kind scared to ask him. They would always call me no matter what time it was if they had a question they wanted to ask me. One of them jokily said “girl you should write a book”. That’s how it came to path I started it that day I got to like one page it wasn’t into maybe a year later I met somebody else they ask me if I ever thought about writing that when the book came back to mind.

Me: So by the tittle of the book people can tell you don’t like guys who don’t have much money. How do you feel when someone isn’t to your standard with their pockets approach you?

 Baje: I want say it’s not that I don’t like them I just have made to many sacrifices to get where I wanted to get. I have work to hard to get where I want to I just wouldn’t want waste my time with someone who isn’t on my level. It’s not only about the money they have or don’t have it’s about the way they think. They might be a hustler and they grind and their work ethic that matches up how much money they have. If a person has mad drive and goals and is scared to go out there and work and make it happen they’re equally as broke.

Me: What else do you have going on and coming up?

Baje: I have a television show based off the book in the works, I’m seeking one more goal orientated woman book. Now I spend lot of my time mentoring women and I’m also running my talent agency.


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